santa barbara

i'm playing catch-up here. i took lily to santa barbara in august and i'm finally getting around to posting about it. i have a feeling once the baby comes blogging will be even farther from my mind than it has been the last few months.

my aunt and uncle live in santa barbara (actually carpenteria). it was sorta a mini cousin reunion. i actually have over 20 first cousins, but four of us and our children were able to hang out in santa barbara for a few days. my cousin casey lives in ventura (his parents own the house in santa barbara), my cousin frank lives in texas, and my cousin holly lives in seal beach. our mother's are all sisters. lily got to run on the beach and play at the ranch in ojai with her second cousins. it was so much fun to watch them all play together.

^ second cousins!! casey's daughter charlotte (his son jack was at soccer practice that day), holly's son ben, frank's son chase, holly's daughter bridget, lily, and frank's other son preston. (ben /bridget are twins and chase/preston are twins.)