my big little girl

all of a sudden lily seems so grown up to me. she's so brave and independent. she loves to share, and she loves helping out. if she hears another child crying she gets very concerned and wants to make sure they are okay. she sets the table, brushes (and flosses) her teeth, washes her hair. she's been potty trained for 4 months now. she no longer sleeps in a crib. all day long she tells us, "i can do it myself!" every time we leave the house i hear from multiple "strangers" that her vocabulary and pronunciation are amazing. it seems like she was just born, but at the same time it seems like she's so grown up. i know when she becomes a big sister in october she's going to seem even bigger. it's so crazy! i wish i could freeze time and keep her this age for a bit longer. (sorry to sound like i'm bragging, but hey, it's my blog.)


second annual palm springs trip

last weekend we went to palm springs with a few of our friends and their children. There were 8 adults and 5 children (not counting the one in my belly). lily had so much fun playing and swimming all day long. she surprised us by wanting to swim all by her self (with her floaties of course). she was so proud of herself...she would float along and excitedly ask us, "what am i doing?" it was adorable! we all had a fun weekend and i wish we could do it more often.