It's hard to believe that this was Lily's 3rd Easter! She was only a few days old on her first Easter, her second Easter was the day after her 1st birthday and now her third Easter is a week before her 2nd birthday. She was so excited and kept saying, "the bunny came!" She was lucky enough to participate in three egg hunts. One at our house, and one at each grandparents' house. (Unfortunately I got lazy and didn't take any pictures at my parents' house, oops!)

Lily must of had fun hunting for eggs at our house in the morning because she fell asleep at 10am on the way to our second destination.

It was a fun and exhausting day. By 7:30pm she was screaming, "I want to go to sleep!"


  1. She is so cute. Looks like a fun-filled day. I love your site.

  2. How fun! You look gorgeous in these pictures!!!