we have a pass to the el dorado nature center so we try to go a few times a month. lily loves it and it makes a great backdrop for pictures. i took these pictures on january 6th so i could do another monthly post. i had planned to list 21 facts about lily...but then time went by and i never got around to doing it. oh well, better late than never!

1. lily's favorite food is noodles
2. she FINALLY sleeps ALL night long.
3. still nurses :)
4. refuses to kiss on the lips. she lets us kiss her on both cheeks.
5. when she wants to drink (cow) milk she tells me she doesn't want sour milk, she only wants fresh milk
6. she loves to take bubble baths (who doesn't?)
7. she loves gabba, sesame street, and charlie brown
8. she calls charlie brown "peetah brown"
9. when she sees someone wearing a jacket or hat she says, "people are COOOLD"
10. loves going to the aquarium, but yells at the other children, "NO KIDS SEE THE FISH!"
11. she knows all her shapes
12. knows all her colors
13. know almost all her ABC's
14 counts to eight (but usually skips 6)
15. weighs only 20 pounds (less than 3rd percentile)
16. she has a big head (95th percentile)
17. always asks us to wrap her up in a blanket and pretend she's a baby
18. she loves our cats and often asks to see their claws
19. loves to clean up
20. if she stumbles she tells herself, "be careful lily"
21. she knows every one's name including mine and her dad's

if you are still reading, thank you. and now for a million and one pictures:

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