more happy cake

we celebrated my birthday tonight with pho and cake. we went to a vietnamese restaurant for the pho and lily ate up her noodles like a maniac. of coursse within 2 minutes she announced to the entire restaurant (50 times) that she was, "all done lily". when we came home jim put the candles on my cake and of course she couldn't wait to sing. (all day long she tells me, "sing happy cake mommy" which means i sing, "happy birthday to ________" and she fills in the name. she always sings to grandma, harper, and bridgie.) as soon as we blew out the candles she grabbed all the cookies off the top and started eating them. she danced around the house full of too much sugar and periodically ran up to us asking for, "more green happy cake". (we had mint chip ice cream cake.) she loves birthdays, i guess it's because within the last 3 months she has attended 5 different birthday parties....that's a whole lot of "happy cake".

holy cow, check out those bags under my eyes. and with 3 more molars on their way i'm anticipating even less sleep.

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