it was a happy day yesterday. lily was lucky enough to get to see ALL of her favorite people. (even if it was just for a few minutes.) you know who you are and we love you for being in our lives. this year is flying by, but we have a lot to look forward to!

lots of trips to the aquarium
watching lily ride her bike
listening to her play her piano
watching her interact with the little people in her (custom built) doll house
and much, much more!!



cookies for santa

today we made oatmeal cookies for santa. lily had fun combining and stirring the ingredients, but her favorite part was tasting the finished product. i hope santa likes them too!

snapshot: Wheeeeee!

some buttons got pushed on my camera and i didn't realized it until i looked at these pictures...obviously very poor quality, but lily's expression was so cute i just had to share.


20 months

i used to be really good at taking monthly photos of lily. but for some reason i stopped doing it a few months ago. on thursday dec 6th she turned 20 months old. i don't know why, but that just sounds so old to me. i decided to do a little photoshoot at the nature center, and although i usually can't stand bragging, i'm going to brag a little bit about my beautiful little girl.

speaks in sentences.
knows all her colors and shapes.
uses the potty once a day, sometimes twice.
sits at the table in a booster seat.

loves animals, especially our two cats. she loves to hug them. every time she hears a dog barking she yells, "no puppy!" (and if she hears a baby crying she yells, "no baby cry!").

loves to hide and jump out and scare people.

has a favorite book: the three little kittens -she loves to tell the kittens that they don't get to have any pie.

is very well behaved. she doesn't try to get away with things...when she's doing something naughty she yells, "hi mommy" so i'll see what she's doing.

has 9 teeth (with 3 molars on their way).
wakes up 1-2 times a night.
still nurses a lot.

loves to carry the phone around and say, "hello grandma, how are youuuuu?" .
called 911 and told the operator, "hello grandma" over and over until i realized there was a voice talking to her on the other line...oops!

loves to sing and dance.
is such a loving and kind child, and she loves to share with everyone.

is not a big eater. when she's done eating she tells us, "off with the bib" and when she wants out of her booster seat she tells us, "off with the seat belt".

has a amazing memory. she can tell me details about a doctor visit from 2 months ago. when she's playing with a toy i can ask her who gave it to her and she tells me.

funny tidbit: as we were walking into the nature center lily walked up to one of the small wooden signs and pointed to the letter "d" and very excitedly yelled, "letter d". i had no idea she knew that.
she is learning so quickly, she blows me away with her knowlegde every day. we love her so much and it's so hard to believe that she will be 2 years old in only 4 months.





more happy cake

we celebrated my birthday tonight with pho and cake. we went to a vietnamese restaurant for the pho and lily ate up her noodles like a maniac. of coursse within 2 minutes she announced to the entire restaurant (50 times) that she was, "all done lily". when we came home jim put the candles on my cake and of course she couldn't wait to sing. (all day long she tells me, "sing happy cake mommy" which means i sing, "happy birthday to ________" and she fills in the name. she always sings to grandma, harper, and bridgie.) as soon as we blew out the candles she grabbed all the cookies off the top and started eating them. she danced around the house full of too much sugar and periodically ran up to us asking for, "more green happy cake". (we had mint chip ice cream cake.) she loves birthdays, i guess it's because within the last 3 months she has attended 5 different birthday parties....that's a whole lot of "happy cake".

holy cow, check out those bags under my eyes. and with 3 more molars on their way i'm anticipating even less sleep.