happy birthday daddy!

we celebrated jim's 35th birthday tonight. during the day lily and i bought him some presents and everything we needed to make him a red velvet cake. we rushed home and lily helped me make the cake and decorate the wrapping paper for his gift. we ordered thai food and luckily everything was ready just in time for him when he came home from work. lily was so excited to carry out his presents and help him open them. one of which was a book called Just Me and My Dad. it was one of my favorite books as a child and now lily and jim can read it together. of course lily's favorite part of the night was the "happy cake". she was more than willing to sing happy birthday and help jim blow out his candles.



this year lily was able to sit at the big table (in a booster seat) and feed herself from her own plate, using a fork and a spoon. she loved her dinner, especially the quinoa.


run! jump! splits! sit.

lily is so active, she loves to run, jump, do scales, forward rolls, etc. lately, whenever she sees someone new she immediately does the splits. (either that or she gives them a dirty look and says, "NO people".)  today when i took out the camera she decided to jump and do the splits...then she rested on the steps. major fun!


happy cake

lily refers to cake, muffins, cupcakes, etc as "happy cake". we thought it would be fun to sing to her and let her blow out a candle and eat a muffin (aka "happy cake") just because (we love her).