mommy + me monday: self portraits

this last one is not a self portrait, jim took this sweet picture of lily giving me a hug.



i took lily to the thrift store and she had so much fun talking to the mannequins and making faces at herself in the mirror.

a few seconds after i took the picture of her and the sitting mannequin i heard a loud thump and i saw the mannequin on the floor and lily started crying. she cried for about 5 minutes and she kept repeating "mannequin down" over and over again. i showed her this picture after we got home and i asked her if she pushed the mannequin and made her fall down, she made a sad face and said, "no". maybe the mannequin fell down all by herself...it could happen, right?




my stylish little daughter was featured over on the baby blackbird. click HERE to check her out!


city baby / nature baby

no matter where we are lily will ALWAYS find a leaf to carry around with her.